Automated Forex Trading




Develop, examine and rigorously test automated forex strategies. Clear thinking and explanation.

Test an initial version of a strategy to obtain a baseline profit level, then develop two or more variations  of the strategy and test those. If one of the variations out performs the original then replace it. Thus we iterate in the the direction of increasingly profitable strategies.

We also examine and test other people’s strategies.

Breakpout strategies, cande pattern based stratgies. Research focus is on strategies based on the fractal market hypothesis and nuearal network/machine learning.

If you notice any errors, from typos upwards, please email. if you have improvements, criticisms or wish to collaborate please email.


Like all decent programmers, I’m haunted by the worry that there are bugs in my code and so my results invalid. If you have done similar tests and find differences between your results and mine, please email. If you’ve obtained similar results, please email anyway as this shows mine are valid. Ad hoc peer review.

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